"Food is essential to Life; therefore make it good."- S Truett Cathy

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D is for Dinner out!

Tonight we decided to go out and meet a friend for dinner. We're working on planning a charity fundraising event for a mutual friend who's experiencing some serious financial distress due to medical issues. We got to the place we really wanted to go, Chuy's and there was a 30 minute wait. The kids were famished so we headed across the road to another favorite Rudy's BBQ. We have so many fantastic restaurants in Austin you could eat out several times a week and never have to repeat. I forgot to snap pics:(
I love cooking at home but it sure is nice to not have to clean up. I try to order things out that I wouldn't take the time to make myself at home and I like to try new things but at each of our regular joints I of course have my regular favorites. When it's Rudy's I have to have extra moist brisket and creamed corn! 


  1. Creamed corn used to always make me think of my old British grandma, whose house smelt of broccoli. However, via fancy pants restaurants, I've rediscovered it and it is one of my favorites. SO GOOD! Mmmm.

  2. @stephanie when you make it to Texas we have to have this- it's beyond awesome