"Food is essential to Life; therefore make it good."- S Truett Cathy

Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is for Foodie Faves

I  have a cookbook obsession. I tend to read them like normal people read real books. Like cover to cover in some cases. I also love food blogs, food & cooking magazines and Food Network. I have at least 10 food apps for my iPhone. To start my collection, my grandmother gave me cookbooks that I think she might have bought at a yard sale for my wedding. I still occasionally look at them but I've moved beyond the canned soup cookery:)

Right now my go to book is the Mark Bittman How to Cook Everything. I have the book and the app. Second would be Rachael Ray's 365 book. What I love about them both is they have a lot of base "technique" recipes and then variations on that base. It really gets you thinking about different combinations and for me at least inspires a bit of creativity.

So here are my top 10 favorite food related content sources (in no particular order)

How to Cook Everything (the App has EVERYTHING in the book and more for 4.99!)
Rachael Ray Everyday
Culinary Concoctions by Peabody
The Kitchn
Nourishing Traditions (this book brought me back to whole milk and full fat cheese)
365:No Repeats
Cooks Illustrated
Allrecipes Check out the ingredient search great for pantry clean-out days
The Bitten Word

What are your favorite foodie inspiration sources?

Here is my grandmother's wisdom about marriage, I've been married now for 17 years so I must be feeding him good :)


  1. Hi, good to meet you on the A to Z circuit. I find reading cookbooks more enjoyable than cooking (I'm a lazy cook!) although lately I've been using the Internet for my recipes (sorry Jamie Oliver, your book is sitting on my shelf). It's not as satisfying but it's much more convenient.

  2. Love your grandmother's advice!

    Following you back from A to Z!

  3. Oh. your grandmother's handwriting is so similar to my grandmother's.. mine just died last year so it makes me a little sad...

    My go to recipe site is allrecipes...because the comments make all the difference figure out if a recipe will be a favorite or a fail.