"Food is essential to Life; therefore make it good."- S Truett Cathy

Monday, April 18, 2011

O is for Onions

Kid: ewww, I don't like onions
Mom: You can't even taste them
Kid: Then why are they there?
Mom: For flavor!!

Sound familiar? Many of us don't understand the awesomness of the onion until we start to cook. Now almost every meal includes onions in some way. I love simple carmalized onions, they can be used in so many ways and are so tasty.

I am partial to sweet onions, the Texas 1015 variety we get here is better even than the famed vidalia in my opinion. One of my favorite spring/summer dishes is a simple cucumber/raw onion salad with a dressing of mayo, vinegar & a little sugar & pepper. So crunchy and creamy and wonderful with a juicy burger & corn on the cob. It screams picnic!

Ode to the onion
Culinary wonder you
I cry tears of joy

5-7-5 is haiku right?

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