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Friday, April 1, 2011

A is for Action

Ok so I've been neglecting this blog. Today I listened to a podcast about being inspired from Merlin Mann & Dan Benjamin. Then I saw a blog post in my Google reader from Cindy and it was my inspiration to take up the A- Z in April Challenge to try to get back to regular posts. The idea is simple, post every day in April except Sundays which will be 26 days. One for each letter of the alphabet. Not sure yet what mine will be, most of them will more likely than not include something food related. There will be pics as in the past few months I've become addicted to Instagram and photo editing apps on my iPhone.

A major part of that podcast is the idea that just thinking in your head about all the things you want to do is not going to get them done. You have to actually take Action!. One of my favorite quotes is from an unknown source, but a woman I used to work with would always say "Be A Verb". I try to live up to this in my work life and am working on it more in my personal life as well. Nike has been telling us for years to "Just Do It". Alright, Alright!! Thank you Cosmos for the wakeup call.

So here's to 26 days of fun filled alphabet inspired posts! Here is a pic of another A word:Animal!
Taken at a recent trip to the famous Chicago Shedd Aquarium using Hipstamatic.



  1. Hi Jen! Imagine my surprise going through the huge list of A-Z blogs and finding my own blog mentioned.. hah! Welcome to the challenge

  2. Be a verb -- I love that thought! Thank you and blessings to you :)

  3. Was just thinking of our seahorses last night! Have you seen Away We Go? It's awesome in general, but there's a really hilarious scene that involves the male seahorse... :)

  4. @stephanie I haven't but just added to my list of to watch. That seahorse pic I think is my fave from the aquarium.

  5. Looking forward to reading your blogs for the A-Z challenge.